Water Therapy For Mental Health

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It’s no secret that the benefits of water therapy have been largely underutilised within the medical industry; with growing awareness of how powerful hydrotherapy can be to provide a sense of calm within distressed people, we’re delving into how you can use your hot tub or swim spa to reap the benefits.

What Are The Types Of Water Therapy?

Hot water therapy (or hot water hydrotherapy) is one of the oldest forms of alternative therapy which has stood the test of time; it works wonders for all kinds of musculoskeletal conditions including lumbar pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia and more. This is because soaking in water reduces the force of gravity that is compressing the joints, decreasing swelling and inflammation and also providing support for sore limbs; this ease of pressure also helps to increase circulation which promotes healing.

The benefits of this type of therapy aren’t only physical – soaking in a warm tub lowers your heart rate, slows down your breathing and therefore relaxes your body; This could all assist with improving your mental health significantly.

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Take Some Time Out To Experience Water Therapy For Mental Health

There have also been significant studies into cold water therapy, which is an alternative use for your hot tub if this is something which you’re interested in; simply turn the hot tub down to the lowest setting, add a few bags of ice and you’ll have your very own luxury cold plunge in your own home. Some of the benefits of a cold plunge include an increase in happiness, a boosted immune system, improved circulation and the promotion of lymphatic drainage.

So whether you’re a fan of either hot or cold water hydrotherapy both for mental and physical health, it’s easy to benefit from hydrotherapy with one of our hot tubs or swim spas. Pop along to one of our showrooms today, where our team can advise you further!

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