Planning Your Luxury Staycation

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With the trend for having a staycation within the comfort of your own home having grown over the past couple of years, it’s the perfect time to add the element of luxury to the mix!

What Is A Staycation Holiday?

A staycation holiday often refers to either a holiday or mini break within the same country that you live in, or increasingly commonly, it’s used to describe a time where you can switch off from the outside world, relax and decompress. Many people opt to take an at home staycation, often due to the fact that they’re able to enjoy their own outdoor space that they’ve worked hard to achieve, and the fact that they’re surrounded by their creature comforts.

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Adding Luxury

While you may have already scoped out the perfect areas in your home or garden to create a designated staycation retreat, it’s definitely worth looking into the elements that would turn it into a luxury staycation.

Adding details such as one of our Hot Tubs or Swim Spas to a secluded area of your garden can be a great way of bringing the luxury of an exclusive hotel to your very own home; go one step further and add brand new fluffy towels, robes, essential oils, and relaxing music so that you can enjoy a spa experience at home.

While you’re adding a hot tub, you could also think about treating yourself to a variety of different items, to make your staycation the relaxation retreat of your dreams:

  • Hire a chef for the day – You won’t even have to think about picking up a spatula or doing the washing up afterwards!
  • Invest in some garden furniture – Creating a sunbathing area to complement your new hot tub, is a great idea; adding things such as wooden sun loungers and chair swings are great for providing different ways to relax.
  • Add an outdoor building – The days of putting up a gazebo to create a party space and hoping that it stays up whatever the weather, are long gone! Investing in an outdoor building is an ideal way of further enhancing your luxury idyll; even better, you could locate your hot tub within the outdoor building, so that you can enjoy your hot tub outdoors whatever the weather!

A Different Activity Every Day

It’s important to switch off and try to forget that you’re enjoying your staycation within your own home, so it’s a great idea to try and incorporate a new activity for each day of your staycation – really push yourself to think of things that you’ve fancied doing for a while and go for it! Activities could include:

  • Sports – If you’ve invested in a swim spa, there’s nothing stopping you from having your own mini swimming competitions; racing against your friends and family is a great way of getting in your daily exercise, while still being able to relax and have fun.
  • Fine Dining – If you’re a fan of Al Fresco dining, there’s no better time to push the boat out and cook your favourite foods (or have it cooked for you) while you have the time and peace to truly enjoy it. Maybe there’s a food you’ve always wanted to try, or your ideal meal is best cooked during the summer months, now’s the time to indulge.
  • Outdoor Cinema – This is a great idea for those summer evenings which seem to last forever, and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune! Buying a moderately priced projector and a roll canvas is all it takes to create a truly special outdoor cinema experience; add in popcorn, warm pretzels, seasonal fruits, and the odd glass of bubbly, and you’ll never want the film to end!

We think we’ve been able to provide some great ways for you to indulge in a luxury staycation, but we’re sure there’s many more amazingly creative ideas out there; head on over to our Instagram account and share how you’re making the most of your at-home holiday by tagging us!

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