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Music sets the mood for almost all elements of our everyday life, and it’s rarely more important than when trying to relax and induce a calmer state of consciousness; In order to achieve total relaxation, it’s important to make the right choice when seeking out the music that will ensure that the time in your hot tub or swim spa is a blissful one.

Mood Music and Lighting on the Hydropool Serenity 5900 in night time garden

Relaxing in one of our hot tubs or swim spas is something really special even during a quick dip; with the jets massaging your aching muscles, delicate aromatherapy scents in the air and calming micro bubbles, it really feels like a treat every single time. Although all of these elements are incredibly soothing, you can turn the relaxation up a notch by adding in an amazing soundtrack to your hot tub experience, and it’s important to choose your music wisely.

How To Set The Mood For Every Occasion

We’re assuming that the main use of your hot tub or swim spa will be to relax and unwind from the day; however, we’ve known many people who’ve had an energy-filled hot tub party too, so it’s essential that the music for each mood is selected carefully.

If you’re planning on setting up your own spa retreat in your back garden, we’d recommend choosing some soothing, soulful music such as jazz or maybe some early 90s RnB if you’re looking to relax with some old school vibes; however, for a hot tub party, we’d recommend setting the mood with some classic dance and trance tracks if this suits your tastes. Just don’t forget the karaoke singalongs too!

Regardless of the type of music that you choose each time you’re lucky enough to use your new hot tub, it’s best to make a playlist ahead of time on apps such as Spotify, so that you’re not having to keep getting out of your hot tub to change the music (a solid playlist is essential for a winter dip in the hot tub!) and it reduces the amount of times that the flow of your party will be interrupted.

Once you’ve decided on your music style, there’s only one thing left to do…Sit back, relax and press play!

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