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Everyone needs to take some time for themselves after a busy week, and what could be better to end the week than having Self Care Sundays to recuperate and relax.

What Are Self Care Sundays?

You might have seen social posts over the past couple of years where “Self Care Sundays” or just “Self Care” are the focus, but what exactly are Self Care Sundays?

Essentially, Self Care Sundays are that one day in the week where you can relax, take stock of the week and take steps to care for your physical and mental health; whether you choose to have a dip in your hot tub with the addition of aromatherapy oils, have an energetic swim in your swim spa, or simply popping on a hair mask and dancing to your favourite tunes.

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Reading For Self Care

One of the most popular pastime activities that is having a surge at the moment, is settling down and reading a physical book (as opposed to reading from a Kindle or other type of blue light screen) to benefit from either the relaxation or the educational benefits that this brings; personally, we believe that the ideal place to read a great book is in the comfort of one of our luxury Hot Tubs or Swim Spas, and we’re sure you’ll agree!

In our digitally-crazed world, it’s important to take time out from checking emails and social media, texting or being distracted by online shopping, and this is where the beauty of a physical book comes into play; by removing yourself temporarily from the digital world, it allows you to detach from reality a little, without the opportunity to be distracted.

The small amount of respite offered by relaxing, reading and doing the thing you love can be the perfect tonic for a busy and stressful lifestyle, and it’s made even better by being surrounded by luxurious micro bubbles and amazing aromatherapy scents; it’s incredibly important to take simple steps to find the relaxation exercises that will best improve your way of life.

Try reading for 15-20 minutes during your soak, or even before work in the morning, and you’ll be surprised how much your mood, stress levels and cognitive function improve!

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