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If you’re a seasoned swimmer, you’ll have favourite swim strokes and techniques that you enjoy when you get into the pool, or your own private swim spa; However, if you’re new to swimming, it can be hard to know where to start and which swimming techniques will suit you.

With so many swimming technique tips floating (excuse the pun!) around the internet, we thought we’d break it down into simpler terms, so you can start improving your fitness in your swim spa as soon as possible:

Breast Stroke

This stroke is the most popular technique and is usually the one that is taught to children and adults when they start their swimming experience. This is a great stroke to use, as it’s very versatile and can be utilised when a more leisurely workout is required, with the option to ramp this up if you’re opting for a more intense, calorie burning swim session.

Front Crawl

The front crawl is probably the most common stroke for well-seasoned swimmers and it’s great for an all-round cardiovascular workout; kicking your legs strongly and moving your arms up and over your head and back to your sides, before coming back over again one after the other (in a windmill action) allows for a full body workout in one simple technique. Breathing needs some mastering for this technique, but once you have it, it can be great to really get your heart pumping and those muscles working.

Person exercising in Aqua trainer using breast stroke techniques

Back Stroke

This is often avoided in public pools because you can’t fully see where you are going, and the risk of banging one’s head at the side of the pool is worrying! However, in your own swim spa you don’t need to worry about that! Just lie on your back, kick your legs and use your arms to go over your head, underneath you, back up past your sides and round again, in a windmill action; this technique is a little easier on your breathing technique is great to master the art of strong, controlled leg movement in the water.

Whatever your aim is with your swimming workouts, be sure to experiment with different techniques and switch it up occasionally to test your skills and strength in the water; you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve!

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