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Since the announcement of the lockdown back in March 2020, many people have struggled with their mental health due to the long periods of isolation and huge shifts in daily habits. A lot of us have experienced extra stress and worry, especially with the ever-changing restrictions and complicated re-adjustment to a ‘new normal’. 

Until the last few years, issues surrounding mental health were not commonly considered, whether that be in the media, at work or just between friends. Luckily, society has progressed to a more comfortable place where mental health is widely discussed and we have come a long way in understanding what happens when a person is suffering, and what to do to help.

In the UK, awareness of the issues surrounding mental health is raised through nationwide initiatives such as Mental Health Awareness Week hosted by the Mental Health Foundation, and globally through the World Health Organisation’s World Mental Health Day which falls on October 10th. Awareness days like these are a great chance to open up conversations surrounding the stigma of mental health and share ways in which to help with those cloudy days that can seem unbearable.

Here at Malvern Hot Tubs & Spas, we want to share the incredible benefits of a long soak in warm water and how taking time to bathe has been proven to assist with mental well-being. 

Stretch out those limbs!

It has been proven time and time again – scientists have found that exercise can help with depression and anxiety through improving a sense of self-esteem. This is thought to happen because of hormones that are released (such as endorphins) which positively change our mood. Of course, a swim spa is a great way to get in a daily spurt of exercise to get the blood pumping in a low-impact environment, but in a hot tub there are also benefits of stretching out your muscles and taking advantage of the hot water encouraging your collagen tissue to become more flexible.

Relieve stress

The combination of hot water, massaging jets and the feeling of weightlessness in a hot tub can alleviate tension in your body and, in turn, your mind, significantly reducing stress and anxiety. A quiet soak can give you time to reconnect with yourself and practice mindfulness in a soothing bubble embrace.

Improve sleep

Taking a hot soak in the evening before bed can help you to drift into a deeper sleep. Raising your body temperature and subsequently allowing your body to cool helps your body realise you’ve gone from day to night mode. In today’s climate-controlled lifestyle, this can be a cause of restless nights, leading to fractious moods.

Cure loneliness

That’s right! Having a hot tub or swim spa in your home is the perfect excuse to invite a friend over to spend some time together. Having a relaxing soak by yourself is, of course, wonderful; but it could be even more beneficial with a friend. Talking things over, having a laugh and enjoying some quality time can reduce the loneliness we can all fall victim to. You never know – your guest may be in need of someone to reach out more than you think.

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