Top 5 Tips For A Better Night’s Sleep

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At Malvern Hot Tubs And Swim Spas, we love a good soak and sleep. Striving to get a better night’s sleep is probably one of the most underrated (and simple) things you can do to improve your health and wellbeing, which will positively impact almost every other aspect of your life.

The Importance Of Sleep

It’s often overlooked how much a lack of sleep can negatively impact not only the physical health of a person, but the mental health too; along with having less clarity and more difficulty concentrating, insufficient rest can affect everything from weight and metabolic health, to depression and anxiety disorders. Don’t just take our word for it, the NHS have advised that this lack of shut-eye can be responsible for an increased risk of diabetes, heart disease, infertility and a weakened immune system, which shows just how important sleep is for a healthy functioning body.

Outdoor Serenity 4500, which can help to improve sleep

How Can Hot Tubs Improve Sleep?

The warm water of a hot tub can relax the body to a near dreamlike state; with the pressure being taken off the body’s joints due to buoyancy, this allows the body to release any pain which may have been accumulated throughout the day and drives lactic acid out of the muscles, meaning that a more relaxing and deep sleep can be enjoyed.

Our body temperature drops when asleep due to lack of activity, which allows for a deeper sleeping experience to occur; enjoying the heat of a 90 minute hot tub and then having the body cool down afterwards will imitate the act of falling asleep, and so will allow the body to relax to a similar level as REM sleep.

Are Hot Tubs Just A Tool For A Better Sleeping Experience?

It may surprise you to learn that hot tubs aren’t just for assisting a deeper sleep; enjoying a shorter hot tub plunge in the morning can be really beneficial for waking the heart and other muscles with gentle heat, which can be beneficial if you participate in sports or manual labour during the day, as it’s a fantastic way to invigorate the body and begin the day.

If a much-improved sleep and waking pattern is something that you’d benefit from, come along to your local showroom and see for yourself how much of a positive impact a hot tub can have on your health and wellbeing.

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