Top 5 Reasons To Buy A Swim Spa

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We’re sure that you’re aware by now that it’s always the best time to buy a swim spa and with a great selection of units available, there’s plenty to choose from; however, if you needed a little more encouragement, we’re here to help you out with the best reasons to make that swim spa purchase.

Indoor Swim Spa

So, Why Should You Buy A Swim Spa?

Automatic Swim Jet Variable Speed Option: 

Having a multitude of options when it comes to the intensity of your workout is invaluable, especially if your aim is to increase the strength of your swimming technique. Having the option of increasing the jet power within your swim spa, will allow you to adapt your workout plan as your physical strength improves. There’ll always be days when you just want a gentle swim, which you’re able to achieve by decreasing the jet speed, so that you can enjoy a more relaxing variety of swim to suit your mood. With just a tap of a button it’s incredibly easy to switch between the different options.

Fragrance Dispenser

There’s nothing quite like the relaxing scents of a luxurious spa to make you feel as though you’re in a high-end boutique spa, and with our fragrance dispenser option you can have that exact feeling in your very own home! Add your favourite aromatherapy fragrance to your soak to elevate your experience to a dreamy spa-feel; With this option, you’ll not only have a fantastic workout hub, but a complete all-round wellness centre.

Water Features

Some exercise machines and workout models aren’t the most attractive elements to add to your home; however, in addition to our swim spas having that stunning aesthetic, the water feature option on your unit will elevate your swim spa to another level of luxury! From waterfalls to streams, you can make it look impactful and enjoy the therapeutic benefits too!

Air Therapy

Our air therapy option injects numerous micro air bubbles into the water to provide a relaxing full-body massage; the option to have heated air will add a wonderful element to your relaxation.


Relaxing in a spa is a full sensory experience. With massaging jets, luxurious aromatherapy scents and our fantastic lighting options, you’ll be able to create a spa experience that’s totally unique to your needs. The full wellness experience can be enjoyed by adding more lighting (even though all our swim spas come with a set of lights as standard); Maybe you’ll add top-lip lights or even cabinet lighting – just ask our team about the options available to you once you have chosen the perfect swim spa.

There’s so many options for you to choose from when creating your perfect swim spa experience, and while it’s always a great time to buy a swim spa, we have a team of experts on hand at one of your local showrooms to help you take ownership of your very own swim spa as soon as possible!

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