The Science Of Zone Therapy

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The Zone Logic behind the Hydropool Zone Therapy is personalised usage of the hot tub to help you benefit from a general sense of well-being. We are all unique individuals and our genetic make-up and lifestyles all play a role in defining our sensitivity to a release of various tensions.

What Is Zone Therapy?

Zone Therapy is also widely known as Reflexology, and is a traditional medical practice which involved the application of pressure to specific parts of the body to alleviate pain and medical issues, as well as promoting energy balance.

There are four elements within our Hydropool models, which are perfectly designed for warm water zone therapy:

Type of Jets

The type of jet is crucial to a proper massage. Our E55 Jet is designed purposely for a deep tissue massage and our E40 Jet is designed for a gentle massage.

Jet placement

Our hydrotherapy jets are specifically designed for each zone so that the superior benefits of hydrotherapy are achieved. Different jet patterns are designed to work different muscle groups.

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Seating designed around you

Designed to work with your body’s natural structure and functions to provide maximum comfort and functionality, our ergonomic seats support the skeletal structure so that the muscular system doesn’t have to. It removes stress from muscles and joints so that the body relaxes.

Duration in seat

The last component of Zone Therapy is the duration of time that a person spends in each seat of the hot tub. Duration in seat combined with the sequence of seats is critical to the performance of Zone Therapy.

Through the solid understanding of Zone Hydrotherapy and ergonomics of our human body, Hydropool has taken the science of immersion to the next level. This constant innovation has created a line of hot tubs that allows them to interact with the human body in the most natural and effective way possible with the introduction of Zone Therapy.

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