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If you’ve ever been intrigued as to what Cross Training is and how this can be incorporated into a swim spa workout at home, we’ve got the perfect run down on how this all works.

What Is Cross Training?

Put simply, Cross Training refers to a workout where many different exercises and techniques are combined and utilised in one session; this can often be helpful in traditional gym exercises to limit the amount of injuries which can occur when athletes train the same muscle groups or use a few of the same movements repeatedly.

How Can I Use A Swim Spa For Cross Training?

Water resistance: If you’re new to exercise, have recently sustained an injury or just want to take it slow with your workouts, then you don’t necessarily need to turn the jets on; simply just being in the water will create a new level of resistance which you simply don’t get from just being on the floor or in the gym. Try the following by just standing in your swim spa with your legs shoulder width apart, without the jets and current flowing:

cross training 2
  • Squats – Lower your bum down as far as possible by bending your knees (as if you’re sitting down in a chair), and the stand back up again.
  • High Kicks – Smoothly kick your leg up as high as possible while keeping it straight; lower it back down and repeat with your other leg.
  • Knee Lifts – Lift your knee forward as high as you can without causing discomfort, then lower it back down to standing; repeat with your other leg.
  • Cross-Body Knee Lifts – Lift your right knee up and bring your left elbow to touch it; lower it back down and repeat with the opposite sides.
  • Heel-Kicks – Bend your right knee to bring your heel behind you, aiming to kick your bottom; lower it back down and repeat with your left.
  • Tummy Twists – Widen your legs so that your upper body is lower into the water. Put your arms out straight in front of you and twist your upper body as far to the right as possible, then slowly around to the left- you should be able to feel the resistance in your arms and back.
  • Fist Pumps – Lower yourself into the water up to your shoulders and simply alternate a hard punch in front of you with each arm, going faster and faster.

Against the current: If you feel that you’re comfortable with carrying out the above with ease and want to step up your routine, try all of the above with the jets turned on! This extra resistance creates an even more intense workout; you could even look at purchasing a noodle float or webbed gloves to improve your stamina and strength in the water.

If you’d like to make your workouts even more interesting, get that workout playlist going! Turn the exercises into an aerobic routine and watch those calories burn away!

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