Romantic Evening Ideas

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What could be more romantic than a special evening just for the two of you in a bubbling Malvern hot tub? Making time to enjoy your hot tub, and each other’s company only improves the experience into something even more fabulous.

Set The Mood

Of course, no romantic evening would be complete without candles and music! Lay out a few candles around the room and play your favourite songs from memorable times together, or try something new and pop on a playlist of chilled out jazz or piano to set the mood as a perfect romantic spa soundtrack.

Creative Drinks

Whether you treat yourself to a glass of fizz, our you keep it healthy with a refreshing smoothie, grab something different to your usual evening tipple so that this sets your evening apart from every other night of the week.

Couple relaxing in romantic Hot Tub with glass of champagne

Snack Time

We’re not talking crisps or heavy snacks; create a fruity bowl of treats with chopped up melon, kiwi or strawberry for a refreshing taste and light accompaniment to your drink of choice.

Use Aromatherapy Oils

Chamomile, lavender, lemon, rosemary and rose are all balancing and relaxing scents, providing the perfect luscious smells to your evening.

You don’t need to splash out on an expensive meal out these days to relish in a little romantic time together; After all, if you have a Malvern Hot Tub, it’s the perfect excuse to take some time out to focus on each other and enjoy some much-deserved time as a couple.

If this is the perfect time for you to treat yourself and your loved one to a luxury gift, pop along to our showroom and take advantage of the expertise of our team and find your perfect hot tub.

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