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In a world of hectic schedules and stressful work, it’s important to remember that home is where the heart is. More and more people are saying NO to that event invite and leaving their diaries free, and at Malvern Hot Tubs and Swim Spas, we couldn’t be happier that there’s even more of a reason to enjoy a relaxing hot tub!

There’s been a seismic shift of attitude when it comes to how people choose to spend their time nowadays; while a night out or weekend away is still enjoyable, many more people are now fully embracing the comforts of their own surroundings and what this can bring to their lives.

From an increase in utilising outdoor space for growing vegetables and produce, to using the available space for luxury activities at home such as using a hot tub or swim spa, it’s been encouraging to see how a large amount of the population are realising the importance of a work/life balance and being able to fully relax in their own homes.

Hot Tub Zen Garden at Home

A home-spa has never been more attainable, especially with our various finance options, and it can really take your at-home relaxation schedule to another level, without having to have a night away from home or a night out on the town to let your hair down.

If this sounds like heaven to you, you aren’t the only one! In a recent survey, it was revealed that almost half of Brits would turn down a night on the town in favour of an evening relaxing at home, and having a sumptuous hot tub to sink into makes it even more desirable. The ultimate indulgence, a Hydropool Hot Tub can be enjoyed in all seasons, day and night. So whether you choose a hot tub from our Self-Cleaning range or our Serenity range, a superior product using the latest technologies is guaranteed, for you to enjoy all weekend long.

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