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Regular use of a hot tub or swim spa brings many benefits to your health and wellbeing, but one area that often surprises people, is the digestion and metabolism benefits.

The benefits of using warm water for your digestive wellbeing is due to a process called vasodilation, which is the widening of blood vessels; When you spend time in warm water, vasodilation occurs and makes blood vessels larger, allowing blood to flow to various parts of the body. As this increase in blood flow improves circulation throughout the body allowing the stomach to digest its contents more easily, it’s beneficial to soak in a hot tub a short time after a large meal, to improve your digestive response.

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The benefits of regular hot tub sessions don’t just stop with the digestion of the food you’ve consumed; regularly bathing in hot water could also help you in your mission to maintain a healthy weight with a heightened metabolism. The metabolism rate can be increased due to the fact that the warm water stimulates blood circulation, which can result in a faster rate of burning of the fat that is stored in the body.

Not only do you receive amazing health benefits by exercising in warm water, but by even relaxing in your hot tub or swim spa you can reap the rewards, both mentally and physically.

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