Breast Stroke For Beginners

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It can be a challenge to decide which is your strongest swimming style, from the breast stroke to the butterfly, there’s a few options to choose from.

At Malvern Hot Tubs, we’re firm believers in the power of our luxury Swim Spas and Hot Tubs; Whether it’s soaking up the bubbles and feeling the massaging jets ease the stresses of the day, or it’s an invigorating swim workout to give you energy for the day ahead, it’s all great! Using one of our Swim Spas will mean that you can dust off your breast stroke technique and enjoy the full benefits of your new purchase, and we’re here to advise you how.

If you’re new to swimming, or haven’t set foot in a pool since the last time you were sipping a cocktail in a hotel pool abroad, it can take a little time to get back into the swing of swimming properly and with purpose (either for fitness or to brush up on your skills

One of the simplest and most popular swimming is undoubtedly breaststroke; If you’re new to swimming and haven’t fully mastered your breast stroke swimming technique, the swim spas are perfect to practice until this becomes like second nature again.

Simply face forward on your tummy, push your arms out in front of you to full stretch, then pull them round and back in a big circle, and repeat; the bigger the motion, the stronger your arms and the better shape your cupped hands are when drawing back all provide for a better stroke. Your legs do pretty much the same; draw your knees up towards your body as far as you can, then kick them out to the sides, round and straight back down again, and repeat.

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There’s so many benefits of swimming breast stroke, and doing this for just fifteen minutes each morning before work, or each evening before supper is a great introduction to swimming as a form of exercise and will also allow you to strengthen your breathing technique at the same time; plus, the beauty of owning your own swim spa will mean that there’s no need to rush or become distracted by others, so that you can focus on the quality of the stroke and your breathing and you will naturally become stronger and faster. It’s amazing what just a short session can do for your strength and stress levels!

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